cannon fodder

“ordinary soldiers whose lives are not considered to be very important, and who are sent to fight where they are likely to get killed”

Follow my journey as I learn to survive and not become the fodder for the markets…

Sick of being stuck on trading issues? I’ve found a system to improve trading process—used it and it actually worked. Now I’m using it to help traders stuck on problems. Don’t hesitate to send a message!

I’m strictly keeping everyone’s privacy so; I can provide only very short excerpts. However, I’m glad “my technology” has worked out:

Thanks a lot Joe for your kind words and for believing in me without knowing me, the whole experience of talking to you that day changing everything.”

Feedback from trader I’ve helped

And indeed it wasn’t useless. You saved a person who suffered for years on that day you spent talking to me. And I truly and deeply appreciate it.

Feedback from trader I’ve helped

For the second week in a raw I can actually have a (normal human being) evening.

Feedback from trader I’ve helped

Don’t hesitate to send a message using the form if you want to do better!

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